Womb Of Lilithu
You may recall the other day we told you about Necrophobic’s singer, who was sentenced to more than a year behind bars for beating up his wife and daughters.

Here’s an update on that story: He’s still a fucking slime.

In related news, Necrophobic, themselves, have released a statement regarding vocalist Tobias Sidegård’s sentence.

“Due to current allegations regarding Tobias, we want to point out that we cannot comment on an ongoing legal process in Sweden,” the statement reads. “Necrophobic, however, does not condone domestic violence. This will be our only statement until legal matters have been resolved.”

The dude was sentenced, though. How is it not resolved?

I guess he’s appealing.

Sidegård, authorities say, beat his wife numerous times between September 2011 and April 2013.

He also used a bullwhip to abuse his daughters.


Necrophobic will release its seventh full-length album, Womb Of Lilithu, on October 29.

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