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Ex-Dark Angel Singer Teams With Forbidden Drummer


What for?

A new musical project, dude.

Now that he’s out of the Dark Angel reunion for good, Don Doty has announced the creation of an as-yet-unnamed new project.

The project, according to Blabbermouth, will revisit the band’s classic We Have Arrived and Darkness Descends albums, as well as introduce fans worldwide to new material.

Who else is in the band? Drummer Sasha Horn, who has previously played with Forbidden, Ava Inferi, and Novembers Doom…all solid act.

Doty and Horn have hit the ground running in an effort to start the writing process and to warm up the gears in preparation for the touring circuit.

They are also considering bassists and guitarists for the new project and hope to make more announcements soon.

Read more on the new band here, folks.