Conducting From The Grave
Come October 1, fans of California’s Conducting From The Grave will have a new album to digest.

That’s the day the band will release a new, self-titled album.

The CD was entirely funded by fans through a Kickstarter campaign; the band netted over $15,000 for the disc in under a month.

DAMN! Maybe I need to rethink my position on these crowdfunding campaigns.

The “Keep A Roof Over Chris’ Head” Indiegogo campaign could be coming soon.

A presser says that “while initially established in the metalcore scene, the new release finds the band further distancing themselves from the ‘core’ tag and delving further into the technicality and brutality that defines death metal.”

Interesting. Whatever you need to do, guys.

Says guitarist Jeff Morgan: “It took a while for us to finally get into the studio to master the tracks, but it ended up working out great for the album. The writing and refining process we put each song through helped ensure that this album was the best it could possibly be.

“Also, we were allowed the time without any outside pressure to really hone in on our roots and expand on them in new directions,” he adds.

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