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NSFW: Huntress Singer Used To DJ With Her Boobs


Not with her boobs, but with them out. On display.

If you wanna see boobs, then you can head to the end of this post to see a picture that will get you fired from your job. Trust me.

UPDATE: Explicit images has been removed from this article.

If you don’t read The Gauntlet, you should change that. It’s because Jason Fisher and myself are the black sheep of the metal blogging world.

Case in point: He ran some pics of big-titted Huntress frontwoman Jill Janus last night, who used to be a topless DJ by the name of Tuesdae or Penelope Tuesdae.

That’s fucking metal dude.

“In her club days, Janus had a gimmick to set herself ahead of the pack of other sexy club DJ’s, she would perform topless,” writes Fisher.

She was also in Playboy, in a spread on DJs which I remember cuffing the Governor to.

Not her pics, because I don’t like fake cone-shaped breasts. Just not into it, folks.