Cristina Scabbia
That’s right, people.

Italian heavy rock outfit Lacuna Coil are in a studio somewhere, working on a new record, Blabbermouth claims.

The new album will be produced by Jay Baumgardner and drop to in early 2014 on Century Media Records.

After the first days of recording, the band is already happy with the magic happening in the studio, says frontwoman Cristina Scabbia.

“I am so excited to work on new stuff…I am sure a lot of people will be mesmerized by the cinematic vibe of the new album that’s underway,” she says.

She’s so smoking hot. I’d do anything. Anything.

“I’m very happy to have the chance to work with Jay. Not only is he a pro in what he does, but I am just loving the fact we are going to experiment with new sounds and are getting a different point of view about our art. We’re swamped with the music already.”

Can you hear that kids?

Off in the distance?

That’s the sound of poop being made.

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