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Impaled Re-Recording Debut

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That’s right, yo!

It’s been 13 years since Impaled released their debut, The Dead Shall Dead Remain.

To commemorate that lucky anniversary, Impaled will release a re-recorded version of the album on October 29 on Willowtip Records.

That’s phat.

Long tangled in legal limbo, the music from The Dead Shall Dead Remain has been unavailable on CD for over a decade.

The re-recording dodges those legal hurdles and puts the music back in print.

Somehow, I still feel like rights are rights, and that if there’s a legal loophole, it’s gotta be tiny.

The Dead Still Dead Remain features recording and mixing by Vinnie Wojno, famous for his work with Testament.

“It simply sounds better, no matter how you slice it. And we surely do slice it,” says guitarist Jason Kocol.