Max Cavalera
That’s the current incarnation of the band, that is.

Funny…he’s just like me.

The dudes at Live Metal spoke with Max Cavalera of Soulfly recently, and he said he could give a fuck what Sepultura’s doing now.

It doesn’t concern him. Also, he claims new Cavalera Conspiracy music is on th eway.

“We’re making another record next year — all grindcore,” says Max of Cavalera Conspiracy. “I wanna do a grindcore record with that. I think it would be really cool. People haven’t heard that from me yet, and I think people will be surprised. I love that kind of stuff — Wormrot, Nails and Pulling Teeth. Just super-heavy with like one-minute songs and kind of old Napalm Death style. I think Igor is going to go for it, man. I think we’re going to pull it out. And then we’ll really shock the world with that.”

No shit.

Then Max gets into Sepultura.

“I talk to a lot of fans, and they don’t take them seriously either,” he says. “You know, I don’t know, maybe Ross [Robinson, who he also claims hasn’t worked on anything good in a decade] can get something out of them, but nobody else could. But I really don’t care what they do. It’s not important for me. I got all my life, my work, my projects, and that’s what I care about. I’ve been in Soulfly now longer than I was in Sepultura, and I love Soulfly and I love what Soulfly has created. And I’m very busy here, so I don’t really give a fuck about what those guys do.”


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