...including this dude
And there’s video proof of this sad fact ready for your skeptical eyes at the end of this post.

Kiss founding members Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons appeared last Tuesday at the Barnes & Noble store in Staten Island.

What is that, like the last one?

They were there to sign copies of a book they likely paid someone else to write.

“Nothin’ To Lose: The Making Of Kiss (1972-1975)” were signed by Stanley and Simmons, who refused to put their John Hancocks on any other merch.

Peace and love, bitches.

Those wanting to meet Stanley and Simmons had to buy the book at the store at its $29.99 list price, starting at 9 a.m.

They received a colored wristband that determined their place in line for the 7 p.m. book-signing event, and were given a recommended time to return with their book and receipt.

That is a lot of people with nothing better to do. I mean, shit…anyone working anymore, other than my broke ass?

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