That’s cool. But at the same time, kind of lame.

It’s been done, dude. Now, if part of the painting had featured some of that faulty bone marrow Nergal had replaced…now that would’ve been rad.

But plain old blood? Eh.

Adam “Nergal” Darski says in a new interview that the new Behemoth album, The Satanist, will boast art he bled for.

Nergal’s blood was blended into a painting by Russian symbolist painter Denis Forkas to give it “a more organic feel,” Nergy says.

“I wanted to incorporate some of my DNA into the art. This album seems to be so defining of who we are now as people and as individuals, and considering all the instances in recent years, [we wanted] to make it more ‘ours’ than it is usually.

“[The cover is] very arty; it’s very artistic and it really has no heavy metal clichés in it. Expect something very special and spectacular, and deeper than all of the other products that are in the market.”

Entertainment Paint Used For Behemoth’s New Album Art Contains Nergal’s Blood