Say what?

That’s right, children.

This sounds awesome. It seems Amon Amarth vocalist Johan Hegg fancies himself a thespian.

He will join the cast of “Northmen — A Viking Saga,” according to Blabbermouth.

Ralph Dietrich, chief executive officer of Ascot Elite Entertainment Group, made the announcement today, the site says. Hegg will join the production in South Africa this month, playing the role of Viking warrior Valli.

Said Hegg: “The mythology behind our Viking heritage is engrained in everything we do and it is awesome to have the opportunity to be part of ‘Northmen — A Viking Saga.’ This is going to be one epic adventure and I cannot wait to be on set with my co-stars and this fantastic filmmaking team!”

Wow. This is kind of crazy. I wonder where we will be able to see this fine production, which is currently in production, according to IMDB?

Dietrich added: “It is an honor to have metal icon Johan Hegg set sail with us and we could not be more excited. Such a fitting addition, Johan’s music, as the lead singer of Amon Amarth is synonymous with the Viking experience that we are bringing to life in ‘Northmen – A Viking Saga.'”

Judging from the cast, this is gonna be a show for chicks, with a bunch of hunky guys showing off their man meat.

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