Tomas Asklund
Yes, you consumers of the black metal mastery.

I feel like I have been writing about Gorgoroth working on this record for years now.

Oh, I have.

Gorgoroth have finally gone into a recording studio, and they’ve started tracking new music.

The band plans to release its new album, Instinctus Bestialis, in early 2014.

The band’s lineup boasts Infernus on guitar, drummer Tomas Asklund (formerly of Dissection), Bøddel (a.k.a. Frank Watkins, former Obituary bassist), and new vocalist Atterigner from the Serbian band Triumfall.

This is’ll be the band’s first album since 2009.

I, for one, am glad we’ve got new Gorgoroth coming.

In fact, I am so glad, I’m almost doing the same thing.

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