Man, you know, sometimes, with these Readers’ Bands submissions, the ass-kissing can be off the charts. “Oh Chris, you’re rad, yada, yada, yada, GSA is the best.”

 This, I know.

But Per-Kristian Vinje, who is Norwegian metal outfit Rally The Exiled, took the cake with his email, alerting us to his group.

A long time reader, Vinje said the band “started out as a school project where I was going to compose, engineer, record, produce, mix and master an EP. I had a couple of songs lined up and made a couple more so that I could get to work.”

On the disc, “I sing, play bass and guitar on the EP, and my friend’s band’s drummer helped me out in the drum department. All the drums were recorded in a 13-hour session due to an over booked studio. But we nailed it!”

I listened to the EP, and it’s not bad. You can tell dude digs American metal like Lamb of God and Machine Head.

Nothing wrong with that.

Good news is Vinje got an A on his project, and now continues to write for it. Maybe we’re listening to the next Devin Townsend.

You never know.

“Chris, keep doing what you’re doing because it’s great,” he writes. Thanks, dude. Your school project is pretty dope too.

Keep it up.

The EP can be downloaded here and here. Check out some of the band’s music below.

Entertainment Readers’ Bands: Rally The Exiled Is Hella Groovy