I’m thirsty. I’ve been thirsty a lot lately.

For beer. And other things. Apparently, if I stop craving other things, they will just come my way.

Yeah. I just stop craving something. I just turn it off like a switch, and stop caring.

Anyways, Swedish thrash act Darkane are the latest in a long line of metal bands to get their own beer.

The band teamed with Helsingborgs Brewery to create Darkale.

Says the band: This delightful ale will unfortunately only be available in Sweden.”


Helsingborgs Brewery describes Darkale as a “dark mahogany red-brown ale with a light foam. The taste is a bit malty with some burnt notes and caramel fudge. Easy hopped with fruity and some ortiga tones. Easy to drink for its variety and is perfect for your favorite metal music and some snacks.”

Fuck, I want to try that.

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