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Metallica Confirmed For Colbert Report Appearance


Tonight, I am working while Metallica will be playing the Apollo Theater in New York.

And I know a handful of people who are going, including Zeena.

Lucky fuckers. Would I rather be in Harlem than at my job until 10 p.m.? You betcha. Am I a Metallica fan? Never claimed I was, and never will.

Anyways, enough of my grumpiness: Metallica will be on Colbert!

Monday, they’ll stop in for an interview with Howard Stern. But on Tuesday, they’ll chat and perform during a spot on “The Colbert Report.”

The band’s been promoting its 3D flick, “Metallica Through The Never,” which hits IMAX 3D theaters on a wide scale starting September 27.

Will I go see the film? I’d rather fast-forward 40 years to the last hour of my death, and watch that.