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Teaser For Behemoth Frontman’s Nazi Comedy Available


Nergal and the film's cast
You know, I’m glad we live in a day and age where Nazi Germany can serve as the setting for a comedic film.

Honestly. These are progressive times, my friends. People have lightened up a bit, I guess. Whatever. I’m just fucking fuming I have to work tonight.

Yeah. Saturday night, I have to work the late fucking shift. Have I told you lately how much I hate my life?

At the end of this post, see a video of Behemoth’s Nergal playing a little ditty with the cast of the upcoming Polish flick “AmbaSSada,” in which he plays Joachim von Ribbentrop, the Foreign Minster of Nazi Germany during World War II.

That chick next to Nergal is pretty cute. I wonder if she’s single?

Who am I kidding? No cute girls are single. They’re all taken.

By the way, Behemoth will release their new album The Satanist in early 2014 on Metal Blade.