The Disastercast, fucker
Good afternoon, you fucking salacious swines.

Today, we are bringing you the fourth episode of our Disastercast, the companion podcast of the site you are visiting this very instant.

This week, I invited my buddy Lauren to participate in the podcast.

I know Lauren some years now, and she’s got a background in radio, so she definitely elevates the professionalism of the podcast.

Lauren. For the visual

We talk about everything from Tool to The Smiths to fucking Ministry, and everything in between.

Go listen, asshead.

I am also quite proud of my mix for this podcast.

Check it out, folks.

It’s free, it’s mildly amusing, and you get to hear me make a fool of myself.

And you get to hear me slightly drunk, making fun of Phil Labonte and other small statured singers.

Just don’t let your kids listen to it.

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