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Huntress Article Sparks Reaction From Ipsissimus Bassist


A column we ran yesterday about Huntress elicited quite a vitriolic response from many of our readers and now, one of our columnists, Alejandro Chavez from Ipsissimus.

This is an open letter to Rafael Gallaher in response to his article “Sexy Gimmicks Don’t Belong in Metal, Huntress.”

Why are we so afraid of sex as a nation, a culture, and even as a subculture? Sex in popular culture aside, what is it that makes men in metal afraid of a “sexy” woman when said woman wants to coexist with us in our little niche? I’ve read your article a couple of times already, Mr. Gallaher, and all I smell is fear.

You attack Jill Janus for expressing herself, physically, in an enticing, seductive, although never blatantly sexual, manner. Then, as an aside, compliment her voice and immediately qualify that compliment as situational, effectively negating the compliment and discounting the woman’s positive attributes.

You want us to search her image on Google and balk at how little clothing she has on. Yet, if you Google Carpathian Forest, you’ll see several members in various states of undress, and it seems as if Phil Anselmo didn’t own a shirt until 2001.

Rob Halford accidentally started the whole leather in metal thing because of the way dudes dressed in sex clubs in the 70s. Fucking Manowar. Period. Since when are sex and heavy metal mutually exclusive? Or is it only that its a woman asserting herself that you feel frightened? And don’t you fucking tell me that that isn’t sexual, because I know plenty of dudes that would find Vrangsinn hot as fuck.

You accuse Janus of perpetuating the “dumb, worn out notion that women are there just to he eye candy,” while you, yourself, reinforce the dumb notion that women CAN’T be visually stimulating AS WELL AS intellectually and artistically interesting and valid. The only thing wrong here is that you can’t accept someone doing what they want to do, how they want to do it, when the whole “philosophy” of heavy metal centers around “Fuck you, I’m doing it MY way.”

So fuck you and fuck your fucking moral high horse. While I respect your opinion as valid because, and only because, it is your opinion, it is NOT ok to get on your high horse and shame someone for doing something a different way that is neither illegal or hurting anyone else. That is what Christians do. That is what Muslims do. That is what any devout religious do. I, for one, am not like them. Fuck you, I do it this way.

Shit, man, the only thing I agree with you on is that Timmy Lambesis is really fucking pretty.

For his part, Gallaher offered the following retort:

First off, I’m not saying “Women, get out of metal.” I’m saying that I’d really enjoy it if people didn’t use metal to peddle gimmicks, the most annoying of which is sophomoric appeals to base sex drives. Others include trendy, sweepy hair cuts and dubstep influences in metal. And where are you sensing fear? I clearly stated I was giving my opinion of a long trend that I think takes metal a few notches closer to pop music.

Comparing Huntress to Pantera is just wrong, dude. Pantera is infinitely better than Huntress. Also, Anselmo’s absence of a shirt is probably not a deliberate action to garner a specific type of attention. Your analogy is incomplete, as of now. You’d have a better argument if Philly-boy used bronzer, plucked his eyebrows, and wore some Affliction brand wizard man-lingerie on stage because that would be an action similar to that of Jill Janus’. It would also be hilarious.

What Judas Priest and Carpathian Forest do is more okay than Huntress because they can play good tunes. Especially Carpathian Forest. But you are correct that I do lose a little respect for bands that feel like they have to play dress-up before they play metal. I just want to jam good music, but fashionistas ruin everything.

Manowar are a joke. They’ve written the same boring song about sixty times, I think. On top of that they do exactly what Huntress does by…wearing bronzer and uber-revealing clothing for the purpose of gaining attraction not based on their music. Congrats, you can wear the heck out of a speedo, Manowar. Nice art.

I started off the article by saying trends and gimmicks are dumb. You can take the sex-gimmick of Huntress out and insert wearing goofy masks and jumpsuits and Slipknot if you want. Or all those bands that have ridiculously long guitar straps and do the crabcore squat. It’s all gimmickery, I’m not afraid of it (seriously no clue where you got that), and I just want metal musicians to stop trying to be likeable or popular. It comes off as stupid, but that’s just MY opinion that I expressed in MY column, buddy.

Yo, Huntress isn’t intellectually or artistically brilliant, dude. And you put words in my mouth again: I never said “women can’t be visually stimulating as well as intellectually and artistically interesting and valid.” I never implied it either. If you read the article without jumping to “THIS GUY IS OBVIOUSLY A SEXIST BECAUSE HE SAYS A WOMAN IS DUMBING DOWN HER POTENTIALLY COOL ACT WITH A GIMMICK” you may have picked that up.

I recognize they can play sub-par crud if they want. They can even do it in a bikini. I don’t have to like it, though, which seems to be what you’re implying I have to do. You’re at least implying that I’m not even allowed to say that I don’t like it.

Do you like Butcher Babies just because they show tons of skin and play awful music? Let me rephrase it in your terms: do you like them because they do something different and display themselves and their music the way they want to display it?

Dude, that’s like insulting someone after saying, “with all due respect.” It doesn’t make sense.

I think you missed my point.