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Crüe’s Tommy Lee Almost Opens Can Of Whoop-Ass On Nic Cage’s False Son

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Nic and his kid
I say false because there is no way in hell that kid’s dresses like a Norwegian black metal arsonist for any other reason than it’s an image he has cultivated.

Weston Cage wouldn’t know real metal if it shoved a corn cob up his ass.

So TMZ reports that Tommy Lee went apeshit Sunday night in Las Vegas on Nicolas Cage’s son.

Father and weirdo were at the Mötley Crüe show at the Hard Rock Sunday night, hanging backstage with Vince Neil. That’s when Tommy tried entering his dressing room.

Alas, Weston was in his way.

Tommy tried to shove past Weston, telling him to get the fuckk out of his way. TMZ claims Weston then went nuclear, screaming and swearing at Tommy and challenging him to a fight.

That set Tommy off like a cherry bomb.

He got all up in Weston’s face, screaming at ear-piercing levels.

Before a punch could be thrown, someone stepped in and ruined the fun.

Weston and his pop were removed from the immediate area, and probably told to get fucked.