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In Defense Of Huntress: Ipsissimus Bassist Back At It

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Alejandro Chavez
Yesterday, our pal Al from Ipsissimus sent us a response to new writer Rafael Gallaher’s recent controversy-stirring column on sexy gimmicks in metal. Rafael responded, and now here’s a follow-up retort from Chavez.

This is fun!

I’m pretty sure I understood your point from the title of the article. I guess I did a poor job of illustrating my point, which was, heavy music and gimmicks go hand in hand.

Every metal band has an image and every metal band that has risen to popularity has a gimmick, either understated or over the top. My problem lies in the fact that you infer that a metal band shouldn’t use sex to sell — but violent, anti-religious, or suicidal gimmicks are just fine.

Keep in mind, I think ANY of these gimmicks are fine and dandy. You can do whatever the fuck you want to get my attention and brand your group however you like. I’m only ever gonna judge a band on how their music sounds.

Do you like In This Moment because you’d like to sleep Maria Brink? Or does their music make you feel something? (I’m not accusing anyone of actually enjoying that band, so please don’t take offense. Just using them as an example.)

I never said you have to like any of it, but your article came off, to me, like the criticism was solely being placed on a female because of her gender. I suppose that fear I gathered is just fear of metal becoming popular because some broad from upstate New York wore a unitard. Don’t worry, man. Metal is never gonna be mainstream. It’s just too much for most people to take.

For the record I don’t like Butcher Babies, nor do I find those women attractive. But will I defend their right to go up onstage however they want? Fuck yeah, I will.

Either way, turns out I was wrong about where you were coming from. I’m glad you posted your opinion. And I’m glad Chris posted mine. I still think there’s an underlying misogyny in metal culture, but that has more to do with the world in which we were raised than anything we’ve done as a group.

Hell of an exchange, mate. Maybe we can take this to the Disastercast?

Until then, fuck you!

[Edit: When Gallaher sends in his response to this response, we will respond by bringing you his response.]