Tim "Herb" Alexander
I don’t even know the name of the last guy who manned the kit for Primus — and that’s OK, because it no longer matters.

Tim “Herb” Alexander — who plays drums on all of the band’s best recordings, as far as I am concerned — has rejoined Primus.

There are plans for some shows and even a new album.

“A series of events has made the ever-elusive Viking known as Tim ‘Herb’ Alexander come out of the forest, and he’s going to start beating drums again for us – starting next week,” Les Claypool tells RollingStone.

“It should be an interesting experience. We’re excited. It will be interesting to see what happens next week, when we get in a room together and start making [a] racket. But you can feel the excitement from him and the enthusiasm, which is great, ’cause you just didn’t feel that before.

“And for me as well, reading through the [yet-to-be titled] book as I have been, you become a little nostalgic for what we were in the ‘heyday,’ so to speak. And then I had dinner with Geddy [Lee] and Alex [Lifeson] a couple of months ago, and they’re big Primus fans, but they’re bigger fans of the Primus with Tim Alexander. I assume they’ll be excited about this.”


It’s cool. I love Les and Primus was the shit for me during the 1990s.

Read the rest of what Les had to say here.

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