Mourn in Silence
Let me start this one out by saying I usually can’t stand symphonic metal. In any of its various forms.

But Mourn In Silence may have changed all that.

I checked out a few tracks from the band, and not only can these Italians play, their singer has a hell of a set of pipes.

A while back, someone representing Mourn In Silence reached out to us, saying “I really respect what you guys have going on at GunShy,” and that the band had asked him to reach out to us on their behalf, as they’re looking for more exposure.

You can check out a track from the band’s full-length album, which is available now.

The band’s also released an EP.

It seems “their older stuff sounds like a mix of Children of Bodom and Wintersun,” their representative explains.

I’d say they’re worth giving a listen and even worth exploring, if you know what I mean. Like, go back and dig up some of their older shit. I’m sure it can’t be awful.

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