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Hatebreed Bassist Attacked By Branch


Likely the face Chris made between the top of the ladder and the pavement
That’s how I am filing this one: suspicious branch attack. Possibly hatched by aliens.

Hatebreed’s bassist Chris Beattie broke his left wrist and right elbow earlier this week, and has to undergo surgery tomorrow to repair the fractures, likely micro-fractures.

I’m not a doctor, but I play one in my tool shed.

Seeing as he was attacked by a tree branch, he will now miss the band’s tour with Shadows Fall, The Acacia Strain, and Battlecross.

Beattie offered up the following statement: “On Monday a large branch fell off a tree I was cutting and knocked the ladder I was on out from under me.

“I fell 8 feet off the ladder onto the sidewalk and luckily was able to throw the chainsaw away from me on the way down.”

Yikes. Imagine he hadn’t? That could have been nasty.

“I broke my left wrist and right elbow. I will be going ‘under the knife’ this Friday to correct the breaks and start the healing process. Jamey, Wayne, Matt, Frank and our manager Steve have all been very supportive and I look forward to getting back out on the stage as soon as I can.

“Please go out and support Hatebreed as they leave for a short U.S. tour today. Thanks to Matt from Shadows Fall for filling in for me. See you soon.”

Get better, Chris. You’re one of the few dudes that does the Chris name proud.