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The author
We told you we’d bring you Rafael Gallaher’s response to Alejandro Chavez’s retort. We told you we would.

You know what — this is fun, man.

I must admit that when I read your first response, one of the first thoughts that cropped up in my head was that of disappointment: we couldn’t carry out the argument over a pitcher of beer. The philosophy of metal is really enjoyable to debate into the wee hours of the night, and doing it textually is a slower process; it loses some of the confrontational adrenaline rush. It does allow for more research, though.

That being said, I think it would be a great idea to do a Disastercast debate. Maybe even continue to write articles about divisive topics in metal. I know I’d be down for it every few weeks!

What I gleaned from our argument is that I might be on a polar side of an almost conservative interpretation of metal, which is strange because in the rest of my life that isn’t true.

You’re take on the topic was more libertarian, and, to be honest, it’s probably the healthier approach to art. I can imagine how you are less prone to rage when these darn kids with their new wave of whatever get on the metaphorical lawn of heavy metal and start changing things.

The clash of these three mindsets, though, is one of the critical reasons that keeps metal interesting, though. You have the grumpy folks who have strict interpretations that keep certain vital aspects of metal in motion while the new wavers bring along new influences and ideas. Ultimately, I think, it’s the bands with the central, nearly diplomatic mindset that end up making the best music because they adapt to both worlds.

But, as a dude who’s probably more on the grumpy, stricter end of the metal spectrum, I still am frustrated with all the weeding that has to be done before that new synthesis is created. And that’s what I think the metal genre is probably in right now, for various reasons. Could be oversaturation of the band market. Could be that no one is buying music. Could be that I am wrong about all of this.

Regardless, keep up keeping metal alive, bro, and fuck you, too!

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