Lorne with Great White

Lorne with Great White
The finale for “Breaking Bad” just started. Thanks to DVR, I can rewind if I miss anything.

Alas, original Great White bassist Lorne Black didn’t live long enough to see the finale of the best show on TV ever.

He died this weekend, which blows.

The news was relayed by Great White’s Jack Russell.

“It is with great sadness that we have been informed of the passing of Lorne Black yesterday [Friday, September 27]! Our hearts go out to his family, friends and fans,” says Russell.

“Lorne was a huge part of the first incarnation of Great White! May he rest in peace.”


Added guitarist Mark Kendall: “I saw [Lorne’s] cousin Robert a few months ago and we were in touch. Robert told me Lorne wasn’t too good then. I lost Robert’s number when I changed phones, which bums me out. He used to work for us.

“I loved Lorne and I am truly sad to get this news. I know he has battle demons for along time and I am so sad to hear of his passing.”

Lorne, you had a killer name. You will be missed. Rest well, Lorne.

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