Iron Maiden

In a new interview, Iron Maiden guitarist Dave Murray claims the band will take some much-deserved time off soon.

Good for them.

“We’ve been out on tour quite a few months this year,” Dave explained, when asked about the possibility of new music from Maiden.

“So when we finish, we’re actually going to go and head back and take a break, really.”

He continued: “We haven’t got any plans, as such, really, what’s gonna happen next year. Basically, we’re just gonna wait and see. [laughs] But there’s things that are going on in the meantime. I mean, we just had a beer come out — it’s like the Trooper beer — and that’s actually doing really well. So we’ll just let the Trooper beer go on tour for us.

“And then we’re just gonna spend some time off recuperating. So I’m not quite sure what’s gonna be happening next year. It’s all up in the air.”

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