The Red Chord
You’d think that, with their lead singer fighting crime in New Hampshire, the future of the Red Chord would be in doubt.

And truthfully, the future of the group is uncertain. But has nothing to do with Guy’s getting a badge.

This, according to Red Chord guitarist Mike “Gunface” McKenzie.

Gunface, who has been promoting his project Stomach Earth as of late, took to the webernets today to comment on the Red Chord’s status.

“I know some of you are waiting for The Red Chord to reappear again. Well you may be waiting a while, as the band is in a state of limbo right now, and not because of Guy’s new job,” Gunface insists.

“But we do have some things on the horizon that aren’t that far off. In the meantime, come see Stomach Earth at the Acheron in Brooklyn on 10/18. We are being joined by guitar wizard, Tony Sannicandro.”

I’ll try to make it.

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