A heavy metal burger joint in Chicago is on the receiving end of some shit, catching it after releasing a new entree inspired by Ghost.

Kuma’s Corner — a spot Revocation’s Dave Davidson checked out for his Altars of Fatness column — has people upset because the Ghost burger’s topped with a communion wafer.

Kuma’s Corner describes the burger as “a fitting tribute to the supreme blasphemous activities carried out by the band itself.”

It boasts a 10 ounce braised goat shoulder patty, with ghost chile aioli, aged white cheddar cheese, a red wine reduction, and a “Communion Wafer garnish.”

Kuma’s Corner’s director of operations Luke Tobias defends the move.

“The thing with this is, the communion wafer is unconsecrated, so until that happens, it’s really just a cracker,” Luke accurately says.

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