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Tool Guitarist Talks DVD, New Project


Adam Jones
Tool’s guitarist Adam Jones did a recent Q&A with GuitarWorld, a site I don’t normally visit because it sucks homeless nuts.

Yes, the testicles of a homeless man. There. I said it.

And guess what? That Tool DVD that was supposed to be coming ain’t.

“We’ve talked about it,” Jones says. “We had shot a bunch of live concert footage and were going to put out a DVD, but it turned out to not sit very well with our band. We were like, ‘What can we do that’s more epic than just a live DVD?’ I think we’re just going to keep shooting stuff, and when we’re ready, we’ll put something out.

“Of course, we’d like to do something really epic, like the movie version of ‘The Wall,’ but movie deals are really tough.”

He also discussed his project with Robert Fripp of King Crimson.

“Fripp and I did three days of recording, but we put that on hold until we both have time to finish it up. It’s all recorded, we’re just gonna start playing with drums and arrangements,” he says.

“We’ve got some really cool and weird stuff, and I’m hoping to put it out as soon as possible. But he’s a giant, a total legend. He’s one of my biggest heroes, and I want to make sure that I’m being respectful.”