Crimson Glory

Crimson Glory
Just in case you were wondering, Todd La Torre’s former band, Crimson Glory, hasn’t throw in the towel — not by a long shot.

The band says they have “NOT hung up their hats,” even as their ex-singer galavants across the globe with the true Queensrÿche.

“The members of Crimson Glory have all been very busy indeed. Real fans of the band should check out ALL of the guys various side projects because they ALL rock!”

Bassist Jeff Lords, for instance, has a band called Dark Matter. Drummer Dana Burnell has been working with both A Persuasive Reason and Avenging Benji.

Ben Jackson, who plays guitar, is also in Avenging Benji as well as Project Terror. Guitarist Jon Drenning’s latest project is fatherhood.

The band promises it has “many very cool songs and song ideas in the vault for a possible future Crimson Glory record! No promises are being made at this time about any specifics or time frame regarding said record or who the singer may be. When we know more, you will know more.”

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