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Metal In Melbourne: Five Bands You Should Know About


Hybrid Nightmares
The Australian metal scene is probably one of the fastest growing in the world. Don’t quote me on that, but from my vantage point, in Melbourne, we have a thriving metal community with stacks of local talent popping up everywhere.

I take great pride in calling some of these talented people and bands my friends, and so I just wanted to share five local bands from the Melbourne scene with you.

Let me set the record straight: every band I’m about to plug didn’t ask me to do this — I simply want them to get noticed outside Australia, because do they ever deserve it.

Also, this is in no particular order. I will also be ignoring the obvious or “big” ones, like Deströyer 666 and Ne Obliviscaris, who everyone has heard of anyway.

First off, we have Okera. This melodic death/doom band has been around since 2006, and in that time they’ve released only one demo and one full-length called A Beautiful Dystopia. They’re also excellent live — do you have any idea how hard it is to come across a doom band that makes you want to bang your head? It’s hard, man. But they’re excellent, and you can check out a song of theirs, called “The Black Rain,” below. It’s probably my favorite song on their album.

Adding another doom band to the list with Myridian. Throwing in more of a black metal influence to their death/doom, they have a true melancholic feeling to their music. They only have one demo and one-full length, called Under the Fading Light. They’re great live, and really cool dudes to hang with. Heavy as balls and still doom-y as fuck, you can check out this song, “Veil of Sorrow.”

More death/doom? What do I even do with my free time? Listen to death/doom, to be honest. Yet another band to go down that road, Arbrynth are probably one of the best live acts in Melbourne. Bringing a special brand of melancholy, Tina’s (bass, vocals) backing vocals add a nice funeral doom aspect to their sound. With only a single full-length under their belt, they don’t have much in the way of an extensive repertoire, but godDAMN is it good. Check out this song below, called “Blood Red Skies.”

Alright, enough with the doom. Next up are Melbourne’s power metal titans, Eyefear. Supporting Stratovarius on their upcoming Australia tour, Eyefear bring a heavy yet progressive kick to their own brand of power metal. Brilliant live performances backed by five full-length albums and 19 years since the band’s inception, they have truly made their mark on Melbourne’s metal community. Below, you’ll find a song of theirs, called “The Unseen.”

Last but certainly not least is Hybrid Nightmares. Pretty much prog-black metal, but they don’t like that label much, which is cool with me. With two EPs and a full-length on the way, these up-and-comers are not only a great bunch of dudes, but fantastic both live and on tape. Tales of battles, winter cold, and weird shit, Hybrid Nightmares have a nice atmosphere to their music that a lot of bands tend to ignore these days. But hey, let them show you — below is a song by them, called “Mourn Not the Dead.”

I highly recommend listening to these bands. The Melbourne metal crowd is a thriving and vibrant one, and I feel that it is one that should be shared with the world. Call me an idealist, but maybe a few of you will dig them, pass ‘em on, and they’ll get some more of the recognition they deserve.