DJ Lethal

DJ Lethal
That’s right.

Former Limp Bizkit member DJ Lethal wants his Moon Man statuette back.

It was stolen from a bar Lethal co-owns in Vegas.

The award, for the band’s video “Break Stuff,” was on display when someone shanghaied it.

“Please help,” writes Lethal online, before comparing the award to a Super Bowl ring.

“Someone stole my MTV Moon Man…it was on display and screwed down. Any info would be appreciated with a reward!! Thank you. As you can imagine how much it means to me. That’s like a Super Bowl ring for an athlete.”

A Moon Man?

A Grammy would be the equivalent, dude.

And I don’t know any football player dumb enough to put his Super Bowl ring on display for people.

If it was that important to you, it’d be on display in your home.

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