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Minecraft Xbox 360 Update TU14 Will Be Released This Month?


After TU12 update has been released in dramatic fashion, there are a number of possibilities that we’ll see a return to roughly monthly updates now, with TU13 bug fix is on its way and TU14 towards end of October.

The biggest drawback on TU12 seemed to be the different form of file format, and readying the game to allow for the much publicised texture packs and other modifications. Now that Minecraft Xbox 360 is heavily modded, switching back to “just” adding features may be faster and easier for the development team.

Several things that could go very wrong for some:

  • 4J Studios has been selected as the developer for Minecraft PS4 Edition for Sony’s PlayStation 4 launch (if what was said is true about it being a launch game).
  • That’s just the tip of a larger iceberg though as they are also working for Xbox One, Vita and PS3 editions.
  • As such they may want to have every single version at the state of being equal, and so releasing TU14 update for Xbox 360 when all or some of the other versions launch, eg mid-late November.
  • It seemed to work well with TU12 to have the update cycle be longer and do more development work, so the release was much more stable than TU9. Delaying the Xbox 360 update to come out with PS4 or Xbox One may have the same advantage for stability.

In a surprise to many people there’s been no discussion whatsoever on the possible addition of Minecraft Realms to Xbox 360 multiplayer gameplay, although there’s been lack enough it seems from the PC end of it too. If they decided to opt for user-friendly servers seems like it would print a lot of money for Mojang and Microsoft, why it hasn’t been acted on more faster is beyond our thoughts. At any rate, if that is on Mojang plans for 4J Studios then Realms multiplayer support might be a major addition of a future update as well, which would definitely put TU12 out of the contention for complexity at their end. Xbox One servers are top notch and it would be a prime contender to have this service put into it quickly.