Paul Di'Anno
Yes, yes…it happened.

The big-boned Paul Di’Anno was teased by a fan during a show in Greece recently.

The fan screamed out Bruce Dickinson’s name during the Paul’s October 4 concert in Thessaloniki, and that’s all it took to set the fat man off.

Not even 15 minutes into Paul’s set, the Bruce chant came, as you’ll see in the following video.

“You think that’s funny?,” Paul asked. “You cock-sucking motherfucker. There’s always one gay guy, always one faggot. Man, I’m not even gonna come off stage and beat the piss out of you. I’ll get my security boys to take you out. Yeah. So shut your fucking mouth.”

Dang, dude. Overreact, why don’t you!

“So, Bruce Dickinson… Listen, I do not sing opera and I’m not a ballerina. I just play fucking straight-ahead punk heavy metal. If you wanna listen to Brucey baby, fuck off home. Otherwise, I’ll play for my fucking friends tonight. So if you don’t mind it, suck my dick, you cocksucker.”

I love when homophobes challenge people to suck their cocks. I don’t know why. Maybe because its the height of hypocrisy.

It’s always like, “Hey faggot — suck my dick!” That’s sending a mixed message.

Calling someone a homo or gay or a fag makes you homophobic. Telling someone to suck your dick makes you ironic. Or honest. Maybe Paul should come out of the closet.

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