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Illnath Break Up


Danish metal practitioners Illnath are done following the exit of guitarist Peter Falk.

“I have experienced many things since 1997 when Illnath played our first tunes,” Falk says in a statement.

“As the only founding member since then, I have always had a strong belief in the band. Nothing has been able to overshadow the will and energy to work forward and fight for things.

“I am 37 years old now and I have gained a more nuanced view of things. In the recent years, my personal musical preferences moved in a somewhat different direction than melodic extreme metal, and I feel that now is the time for a change.

“I regret nothing in my time with Illnath and I have had many great experiences with the band, but my heart does not live and breathe for this band anymore.

“Given that neither Dennis [Stockmarr, drums], Kenneth [Frandsen, bass] or Marika [Hyldmar, vocals] feel that it is the right thing to continue Illnath without my participation, we have decided to call it a day.”