Denners Trickbag

Denners Trickbag
And it’s called Denners Trickbag, and it sounds nothing like you’re probably imagining.

At the end of this post, check out a track from the new band called “Don’t You Let Me Down.” No, it’s not a cover. Not a cover at all.

Yes, Michael Denner of Mercyful Fate and King Diamond has a new band, and I bet the pits will be large when they play live.

Denners Trickbag’s debut album was released in September, and I can’t believe no one told me.

“I got the idea [to form the band] one evening when I was sitting at home philosophizing about whom I would rather play with if I had a free choice within the heavy metal world I’ve found myself in for so many years,” says Denner.

“I called these four guys up, and they all said yes…The condition was that the music had to be tough progressive ’70s heavy with a lot of guitar solos — and everyone was totally involved in the idea.”

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