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Mudvayne Side Project Gets Name


Ryan Martinie
I know what you’re thinking: Mudvayne is so fucking awesome on its own, how could a side project be any better?

Trust me. But give Kurai a chance.

Give Kurai a chance!

The band boasts Mudvayne bassist Ryan Martinie, ex-Head guitarist Scott Von Heldt and drummer Abel Vallejo (who is a Korn drum tech).

The group will release an EP in December on their own Sonic Velocity Records label, called Breaking The Broken.

Wait. If they’re broken, how can you break them? I hope the EP answers that question.

Says Von Heldt: “Kurai is a term that I came across almost 20 years ago in a Japanese martial arts encyclopedia. It means to achieve a state of mind in which you become one with your art. That really embraces the sentiment of our music and where we are as artists. We want to create music with the intention of stirring up emotion and bringing some raw passion back to metal and we hope that transcends to the listener with this new EP.”