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Readers’ Bands: Let’s Check Out Antitheist


Heretical Musings
Are you into two-man black metal bands from South Florida?

Well, neither was I. In fact, I wasn’t aware any hailed from South Florida. But now, I know otherwise.

We were contacted by Zachary Randall, one half of the band and a reader of the GSA, and he wanted some coverage for his “relatively new black metal band, Antitheist.”

Rad. We’re into profiling the bands of our readers. Let’s work something out.

Listen to some tracks from Antitheist at the end of this post. They’re certainly not bad, I’ll put it that way.

Is it raw? Yes. Does it fit the black metal tag? Yes. Is it green, though? Oh yeah.

These two dudes have talent, and I look forward to their future releases. They could benefit from a producer, who could provide some guidance. But generally speaking, I think Antitheist are alright.

Check them out and see if you don’t agree with that sentiment.