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Greg Ginn Loses Black Flag Suit


Greg Ginn
When I first learned of this news, the sound of Nelson from “The Simpsons” laughing echoed across my brain.

Yes, Black Flag founder Greg Ginn has lost his lawsuit against Flag, the band featuring founding singer Keith Morris and longtime bassist Chuck Dukowski.

Flag also features members Dez Cadena and Bill Stevenson, and Descendants guitarist Stephen Egerton.

Ginn’s version of the band has also been playing, but not as much as Flag.

But this week, a judge found that Ginn’s label, SST, has no claim to the Black Flag copyright and Ginn has no special rights to any of the trademarks.

The judge ruled that neither Ginn nor the label gave two shits about copyrights or trademarks until now, and that Henry Rollins — also named in the suit — never quit Black Flag.

The judge also felt that fans are smart enough to know which band is which.

So, there.