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Killswitch Engage Rage Against Cancer At Santos


Killswitch at Santos, shot by Zeena
Holy shit, was last night a good fucking time for all involved!

I watched as Killswitch Engage ripped through a varied set Saturday night before a packed Santos Party House, a rather intimate venue in New York City owned by the one and only Andrew W.K.

The fans had a blast; the jaded industry fucks shook their aged watoosies; the band seemed to be having a great fucking time; and even the hot-ass bartenders were enjoying their shifts to the sounds of Killswitch.

The evening’s festivities were filmed, but for what, we’ll just have to guess.

Knowing Roadrunner Records’ obsession with re-releases, they’re probably gonna reissue Disarm the Descent, throw in footage from last night’s gig, and call it “expanded.” Marketing — the silent killer.

Anyways, the proceeds from the show benefitted Fuck Cancer, an organization whose mission is to fight cancer by raising awareness and to educate about early cancer detection, ultimately putting an end to late-stage cancer diagnoses.

This was my second time seeing the boys this year. Last time, Jesse Leach rocked that GSA tee and I nearly shit. This time, he didn’t go with the GSA tee, and so my bowels didn’t make even the slightest twitch.

The band’s set was solid, even if Adam Dutkiewicz’s guitar did break six times during the first two songs. His words — not mine.

Mike D’Antonio proved himself one of metal’s best bassists, playing his ass off while still interacting with the crowd and proving himself a showman. Justin Foley was back on drums, and sounding tight as ever. Jesse’s voice was at times intimidating and soulful, while Adam D’s antics kept me amused. One song he dedicated to the girls in the audience “with the fattest, most gaping vaginas.” I had to applaud.

Of course, the band wouldn’t be Killswitch without Joel Stroetzel, who was rocking the long beard and pummeling the audience with monster riffs.

The standout songs for me, at least, were “Rise Inside,” ”Life to Lifeless,” “The End of Heartache,” “In Due Time,” “My Last Serenade,” “Fixation on the Darkness,” “The Element of One,” “My Curse,” and “Breath Life,” although I wasn’t taking actual notes. This is all from memory, so if I fudged something and they didn’t actually play one of those tunes, my apologies. But I am pretty sure I recall the night fairly well.

It was a highly intimate show, kind of keeping in line with the whole CBGBs ethos; I mean, there was a constant stream of stage divers through the show. The gig was part of this weekend’s CBGB Festival.

At one point, this girl mounted the stage, grabbed on to Jesse, and just would not let go. He did manage to sort of shaker her off smoothly, and she dove off into the sea of flesh before her.

Jesse made mention of New York’s hardcore roots during the night, and even mentioned members of Fahrenheit 451 were in the audience. If you don’t know why that’s rad, I’m sorry.

My only complaint about the entire show: The drunken girl who came up behind me, starting rubbing my back, and hugging me.

I wouldn’t have minded it. I mean, she was dope-looking and I would have totally munched her blonde box, but…fucking chick’s boyfriend was right behind her, looking at me like its my fault his girl can’t handle her liquor and wants me to lick her.

Actually, she may have only wanted me to lick her momentarily. After singing into my ear for five straight songs while putting her arms around my neck and waist and cupping my ass once, all whilst I tried headbanging in place…by myself, she was doing the same shit to a guy next to me, all with her dude watching.

For a fleeting second, I got jealous. But then, realized the tall, gangly, half-bald fuck she was with was going to be the only man putting up with her shit that night — and it likely wasn’t going to be any fucking fun, unless you’re into porking passed-out chicks, because as sure as you have eyes, that bitch was snoring within two minutes of arriving home.

Dude needs to get a handle on his old lady.

The opening band was Eye Ra Haze. They were just OK. The ladies in the band, though? Way beyond just OK. Beautiful is the only word for them.

But yeah…the music wasn’t really my cup of tea.