Cristina Scabbia
I’m sure you’re super-fucking amped, too.

Yes, folks. Lacuna Coil, which features the delicious Cristina Scabbia, have finished tracking their next album.

As hot as she is, I could never be with Cristina. My name’s Chris. Our name’s are too similar, it would never work.

The band worked with producer Jay Baumgardner on the disc, which’ll be out in early 2014 on Century Media Records.

Says Scabbia: “I am so anxious to hear it mixed and mastered.”

That makes one of us.

Her co-vocalist, Andrea Ferro, had previously stated about the new CD: “We met Jay a few years ago in L.A. and had a really positive feeling about him, as he has produced and mixed some of my favorite records and some very relevant rock/metal albums.

“We have decided to work with him, because he has the ability to work together with the band towards a common vision without driving the band away from their sound,” Ferro said.

“In the studio, there is the right energy that allows common people to achieve uncommon results!”

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