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Iron Maiden Beer Flowing Like Wine All Around The Globe


The Trooper beer
Robinsons Brewery, the makers of Iron Maiden’s Trooper Ale, announced today that over one million pints of the beer have been exported around the world.

I have yet to try this beer. Those I know who have tell me it’s not very good.

The beer launched in the U.K. five months ago, and was just made available to the U.S. and most other countries less than two months ago.

This is supposedly a remarkable accomplishment for the Cheshire family brewers and takes the total number of Trooper pints sold globally to over 2 million pints.

That’s a lot of brew.

“The beer itself is fantastic in terms of quality and taste, hence repeat purchases are high, but we are astonished to reach this second millionth mark in less than six months,” says the managing director of the company’s beer division, Oliver Robinson.

“To add to this, we have discovered that Trooper is driving the sales of cask ale across the board. Within our Robinsons estate beer sales of the pubs that have listed Trooper are actually 8-percent ahead of those which have not. This is a beer that not only drives customers into pubs; it also drives the sales of our other brands. There are not many beers in the world that can do that. Establishing a new beer in the U.K. and globally is a long and difficult process but we feel we are off to a great start.”