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Motörhead Streaming New Album; Lemmy Discusses Dying


I think it’s morbid when older folks discussed their demise. I may feel differently about it when I’m older, but lately, it drives me nuts when folks reference their own deaths.

Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister talked to the U.K.’s Classic Rock magazine about his recent haematoma, a pool of leaked blood that had gathered in one of Lemmy’s muscles.

The legendary rocker is also suffering from Type 2 diabetes, diagnosed more than a decade ago, and had a defibrillator fitted earlier this year.

“I don’t mind you asking about my health,” said the frontman for Motörhead, whose new album can be streamed in full at the end of this post.

“I’ve been poorly. There’s no point lying about it or trying to deny it. I’ve never done that. It’s all part of life’s rich tapestry, isn’t it? I understand you’ve got to ask. And I’m feeling better.”

When told that some people have suggested this new album could be Motörhead’s last, Lemmy took offense before tackling the issue of expiration.

“Death is an inevitability, isn’t it?,” he asked.

“You become more aware of that when you get to my age. I don’t worry about it. I’m ready for it. When I go, I want to go doing what I do best. If I died tomorrow, I couldn’t complain. It’s been good.”

That dude’s landed more hot ass in his life than any other man on this planet. That’s a fact, folks.

Now, listen to Aftershock, what will not be the band’s last album.