I have tinnitus, the constant ringing of the ears. Had it since I was a little kid. It sounds pretty intense most of the time, like a tiny, miniscule lumberjack with the smallest chainsaw in the universe and it never runs out of gas. It just does this high-pitched whirring nonstop.

Heavy metal so far has been the only remedy for it. The music’s so loud that it just drowns everything else out while it’s playing. Of course, especially after shows, it’s about a million times worse, but it’s relief, no less.

Two days ago something popped up on Facebook that almost chased my tinnitus away for a bit just from reading it. Apparently, Reproacher and Of Feather and Bone are touring together in November, which is going to mean there will be a few more deaf people in the cities they where they stop come December.

These dudes are effing loud as eff. I’m not effing kidding. My equilibrium was off for about a half hour after Reproacher finished playing when I saw them. I highly recommend you go see these bands, but really…bring some ear plugs. Although your tinnitus will be completely shut down during their set, afterwards it’s like having wine bottle opener drilling into your cochlea.

I like the word “cochlea” because it means I can say “cock” in public as loud as I want.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with these bands, they both have released (most) of their tunage for free on Bandcamp and are totally rad.

Reproacher is a hardcore band from Wyoming and they sound as filthy as a New Orleans strip club the day after Mardi Gras. Their vocalist is a wirey dude (represent!) who really gets into his thing: he headbangs so hard he makes Corpsegrinder seem almost tame and he oftentimes careens into the crowd and basically starts a pit around him whilst growling his lungs out. Definitely a great experience to be up close for.

Of Feather and Bone are a grindcore group from Colorado. They are heavily founded in hardcore. Anyone like Dead in the Dirt? Or Insect Warfare? Prepare to start digging into Of Feather and Bone. Their six song EP False Healer does not feature a song that reaches three minutes on it. They are not slow is what you should gather from that. They also don’t suck, so after finished downloading Reproacher’s schtuff download Of Feather and Bone’s stuff and “Like” ‘em both on Facebook. Don’t be a scaredy pants.

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