And by “punish,” I mean the good kind of punish.

Yes, folks — it’s true. Hammerdrone aren’t bad at all.

A member of the band, named Graham, reached out not that long ago, saying he’d “been surfing around GunShyAssassin and thought I’d send you some info on my band.”

He did, we checked them out, and we like Hammerdrone, who are a melodic blackened death metal band from Calgary.

That’s in Canada, bitch.

The band boasts ex-members of Reverend Kill, and released a free EP not that long ago called A Demon Rising.

Check out a track from it at the end of this post, or go here to download the fucker.

“Thanks in advance for your interest in the band. If you need anything else, just ask,” writes Graham.

If you dig Amon Amarth, check it out.

Well, I need to get laid. Got a sister you could send my way?

I kid.

You guys are good. Keep it up.

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