Dave Mustaine
I mean, look — can anyone really argue with him?

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth will be remembered long after he’s gone, not only for his music but for his classic foibles and often-controversial stance on shit.

He is a legend. But he doesn’t have to say that.

Mustaine was in Brazil, and gave an interview he probably figured would never surface beyond that country’s borders.

“It’s been 30 years since we started, but we have legendary status; some people never get that,” he says. “Megadeth does. I have legendary status myself too, which… sometimes a band will, but members won’t. And that is an amazing thing for me.

“Plus being a New York Times best-selling author when I failed English in high school is hilarious. But then there’s things like we’re gonna be playing a tribute for a very famous country musician who just died in Nashville; we were asked to do that. Now that shows you that you’ve crossed boundaries in music so that your credibility to people in another genre… They’re saying, ‘These guys are some of the best at what they do. Of course you can come and pay tribute to this guy.’ Plus in April of next year, I’ll be playing with the San Diego Symphony.

“I think you limit your dreams. Your dreams don’t really define you. But inside there’s something that makes us think, ‘I can’t do it.’ Like when I used to skydive. People ask me if I still skydive, and I say, ‘No.’ After 25 times of jumping out of an airplane, it’s kind of like the novelty has worn off.’ Once the novelty wears off, it’s like sticking your head in the mouth of a lion. It’s, like, been there, done that.

“There’s still a lot of things that, I think, we have left to do. Doing these massive festivals. We’re bringing Gigantour down here next year, and we’re really excited about that. And having this show in Sao Paulo [with Black Sabbath] sell out. It’s a 75,000-capacity festival that sold out in advance. That doesn’t usually happen. You’ll have great ticket sales and sometimes they’ll sell out, but not in advance. Not as far in advance as this did. This was sold out weeks and weeks in advance. So it shows that, one, Black Sabbath is very popular down here, and two, we have a really good following as a support band.”

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