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Candiria Post New Song For Streaming


I was just saying the other day that this band should buckle down and record some shit.

Now, at the end of this post, there’s a super rough version of a new tune that’s in the works.

Ask, and you shall received. Unless you’re asking a woman if you can wear her ass as a hat. In which case, the answer’s almost always “No.” And a resounding one at that.

“It’s been about 2 centuries since we released new music,” the band says. “It would be foolish to not test the waters first and see if we’re still a viable source of listening enjoyment.”

Adds the band; “If you guys dig this tune then we would fully feel validated to finish it.…Remember this is not a finished piece of work. this was put up because you’ve been asking for something so this is the closest to a finished song we have for now. We’ll certainly keep you updated on this songs progress as we get it ready for release.”

Check it.