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Marilyn Manson Expanding Resume With TV Roles


Marilyn Manson
Last week, we told you how the shock rocker secured a spot on this final season of “Eastbound and Down.”

But now, Marilyn Manson is expanding his acting resume to include shows only pussies would watch.

He is joining the cast of ABC’s “Once Upon A Time,” it seems.

Manson will provide the voice for The Shadow, a being which was first seen at the end of the show’s second season and has already appeared in the recently started third year.

Manson will make his debut on the season’s eighth episode, scheduled to air in mid-November.

Show creators and executive producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz said in a statement: “We’ve always been enormous fans of Marilyn Manson. We wanted to cast someone with the vocal ability to make our skin crawl.”

Just looking at dude makes mine crawl.

Manson sounds much like the character he plays.

The Shadow is a mysterious being that kidnaps young children from their beds to take them back to the fantasy realm of Neverland and steal their souls.