Please send beer!
Denver, Colorado’s Trve Brewing Company is proud to announce details on their upcoming first out of four ales, titled Eastern Candle — which is dedicated to the mythological occult metal act Absu.

I. Would. Love. To. Try. This. Shit. Hint. Hint.

In honor of their 20th anniversary second album, The Sun Of Tiphareth, Trve has created the first out of four ales: Eastern Candle — a pale wheat beer fermented with brettanomyces in white wine barrels.

My mouth is watering.

The ale is a fine equilibrium of wheat and white wine with a slight, fruit-like yeast character — fittingly named after the song “Never Blow Out The Eastern Candle.”

Next up will be a red ale called Tiphareth, which will be a soured beer with a mild strain of brettanomyces fermented in red wine barrels; a brown ale called Manannán, which will be soured and fermented with a shrouded strain of brettanomyces in whiskey barrels; and a black ale called Winter Zephyr, a dark wheat and dark rye concoction giving the beer its cryptic color.

This last beer will highlight a fair amount of oats to retain vast body after the brettanomyces have alchemically fermented in wine barrels.

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