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Listen To A New Winds Of Plague Tune — Now!


"They expect one of us in the wreckage, brother"
Or don’t.

I could give a fuck. Winds of Plague are one of those bands I can’t get into.

If I were to go see them live, I’d stare at that chick in their band the whole time, wondering what her hair smells like.

Did I just write those words out? Man. I wish there was away to delete things you’ve typed on a computer. Oh well.

Winds of Plague will be releasing their new album Resistance next week on Century Media Records. 

The band will be part of Bleeding Through’s final cash-in tour, which kicks off November 1.

The following song’s called “Sewer Mouth,” and this is a lyric video for it.

I’m telling you. The skin of her neck probably smells like strawberries.