Peter Dolving

Peter Dolving
This is wild fucking shit right here.

Former frontman for The Haunted, Peter Dolving, has announced through his Facebook page that he will be going under the knife soon, as he needs a new fucking hip.

That sucks. What’s he, 80? I mean, a hip transplant?

“It’s hard to describe what a relief this is,” he writes.

“Six years of endless pain that just had me on my ass. Pain like that, that never, ever, ever, ever goes away. But now I know that I will be close to pain-free again, and I won’t have to worry about my kidneys shutting down because of the anti-inflammatories and painkillers.”

Oh fuck. That’s some serious shit.

“Sure, the doc says I can’t do anymore long-distance running. But I figured that out years ago,” says Peter.

“So, it’s back to active rest and as doing little as possible and I will be back on my big bad feet again.

“This feels truthfully relieving. Finding hope, that’s not depending on sheer willpower, I say, it ain’t half bad.”

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